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4 Ways to be More Sustainable in Your Daily Life

Posted by Diana Willand on Mar 28, 2023 12:45:00 AM
It can be hard to implement sustainable living practices into your day-to-day life, and with the climate crisis in full throttle, it can seem like doing the little things won't help - but it will!
Below are 4 ways you can be more environmentally conscious in your daily life.

1) BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag

Bringing your own reusable bags to go shopping is a small way to make a big difference. A lot of towns are making plastic bags an extra cost to help limit plastic consumption, however, reusable bags can be a cheap, one-time purchase that pays off in more ways than one. 

Using your own reusable bag reduces your use of single-use plastic and it's a super easy practice to add to your day-to-day life habits that help contribute to a greener planet. 

Most stores like Trader Joe's and TJMaxx have their own options for reusable bags, but you can find other eco-friendly options here


2) Buy from, sell with, or donate to used clothing and furniture stores

Fast fashion plays a massive role in the destruction of the environment. As opposed to buying new clothes, you can always buy used clothes from local thrift stores, as well as donate your old clothes and furniture to local consignment shops or donation drop-offs in your town. 

Some options in New England for consignment and donation are:

- Tables to Teapots, Acton MA – used furniture, home goods, jewelry, and antiques. Consignment and used item shops are everywhere, you’ll likely have one even closer to you if you look!

- Clothing Donation Bins around New England, find the closest one to you here.

- To find the closest Goodwill to you, check out this Goodwill Locator.


3) Try Committing to ‘Meatless Mondays’

The meat industry is one of the main causes of greenhouse gas pollution to date. According to Marshall University, the production of meat and dairy “requires large amounts of pesticides, chemical fertilizer, fuel, feed, and water,” which contributes to large amounts of pollution that only increases year to year. By trying to cut down your meat intake, even by one day a week, you can make a bigger difference than you realize. 

For more information on how to take this step, check out this Meatless Monday Resource.


4) Switch to Organic Lawn Care 

If you love having a good-looking lawn that’s also tick & mosquito-free, but you also know that classic pest control and lawn care can be bad for the environment, then organic lawn care is the way to go. Pure Solutions services don’t only work just as well as traditional lawn care and pest control, but they’re safer for your pets, family, and the environment. We use all-natural ingredients for every one of our treatments, making for a much safer application and a much healthier choice for your local ecosystem as well.  

To request a free quote & sign up for a full season of services, click here! 




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