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How To Get Rid of Lawn Grubs Naturally

Posted by Pure Solutions on Jul 16, 2019 1:16:00 PM

At Pure Solutions we see a wide array of issues when consulting on organic lawn care. But one topic that many of our customers commonly share is dealing with grubs. Lawn Grubs are a nuisance that many homeowners must deal with each summer. They appear almost out of nowhere and cause a painful amount of destruction to lawns. The majority of the time grub worms are either European Chafer or Japanese Beetle larvae. Both are considered ‘white grubs’ and have similar life cycle patterns when laying their eggs. These beetles prefer to lay their eggs in sunny areas around mid-summer. Grubs live in the soil and they voraciously feed on the roots of the grass in your lawn. This leaves lawns looking extremely unhealthy, with brown, dead turf patches. In addition to killing the grass, lawn grubs also attract wildlife that feed on them as a food source such as crows, raccoons, moles and skunks. These predators cause further damage by digging up patches of grass in search of a meal and can destroy a lawn in a days time. 


Pure Solutions specializes in organic turf care, tick, mosquito, and deer control services. Our Think Pure blog provides resources to making your yard safe and enjoyable without the use of harmful chemicals. We "Think Pure" in order to protect our community and the environment.

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