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Aeration and Over-seeding - What It Is And Why It's So Beneficial

Posted by Shawn Spear on Oct 19, 2018 2:24:52 PM

One of the best practices you can provide to your property on a yearly basis is aeration and over- seeding. The process of aeration helps reduce soil compaction, lets the turf roots breath, and brings new life to the turf stand after stressful summer weather.

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What is aeration?

Aeration is the mechanical process of pulling small 3/4 inch soil cores throughout your property. The cores are left behind to decay which feed the microbes and helps break down the thatch layer. Thatch is a layer of decaying turf between the crown of the turf plant and the soil. Thatch layers make it hard to get fertilizer applications and nutrients to the soil and can slow down the process needed to make organic nutrients available to your property’s turf.

Why do companies aerate clients Properties?

Not only does aeration help reduce soil compaction, but it allows water to reach deep and through the root zone. This benefits microorganisms living in the soil. These organisms break down existing thatch, improve soil quality and release additional nutrients for healthy plant development. Each soil core removed allows the existing turfgrass root system to expand to produce a healthier and thicker turf stand.

When is the best time to aerate and over-seed cool season Lawns?

The most effective time to aerate and over-seed in New England is between the last weeks in August up to the third week in October. We’ve also seen very good results seeding later in the fall, which is called dormant seeding. You won’t see much seed come up in the fall, but once soil temps reach 50 degrees in the spring the seed planted the previous fall will germinate and produce a lush thick lawn in early spring.

Benefits of over-seeding your Property

Over-seeding allows new grass varieties to be introduced to a lawn to reduce diseases and insect attacks. Similarly, as a lawn thickens with the new seed growth, it will also be better suited to crowd out weeds. Best of all, new plant growth and subsequent thickening of the lawn will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing property.

Why are aeration and over-seeding often done together?

These services are performed together because the aeration holes stay wet longer which helps increase the seeds ability to germinate. Aeration holes also make getting seed to soil contact happen faster which also increases seed germinate time.

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