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Control Deer on Cape Cod with All-Natural Deer Repellents

Posted by Spencer Rowden on May 24, 2016 4:30:00 PM


There are more than 95,000 white-tailed deer in Massachusetts, with densities of about 80 deer per square mile in areas of Eastern Massachusetts. Cape Cod and the Islands have a growing white-tailed deer population bringing new concerns to the area. These concerns include deer damage on residential and commercial properties, as well as an increase in tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease as deer carry ticks close to homes in search of food.

The first step to defending against deer is to identify deer activity on your property. Plants browsed by deer will look torn with a ragged edge, whereas other common animals will leave cleaner edges on the plants. Deer can also reach as high as 6 feet, while rabbits and other animals would leave damage lower to the ground.

Here are 3 reasons to use deer repellents on your property:

  • Protect your investment. You spend time and money on the landscaping around your home or business. In one day, deer can literally eat the fruits of your labor! Deer repellents protect plants typically by scent, so the deer doesn't even have to taste to be repelled.
  • Reduce deer tick population. Deer are target hosts for deer ticks, especially in the fall when adult deer ticks are active. When food sources get scarce, deer will travel closer to residential areas bringing ticks along for the ride. Once deer repellents teach deer there isn't desirable food on your property, we can reduce the tick population around your home by decreasing deer traffic.
  • Environmentally and deer-friendly. Our all-natural products do not harm deer and are biodegradable so they protect the environment too.

Learn about Pure Solutions' all-natural deer repellents to protect your landscaping investment and deter deer from your property. It is important to prevent deer from browsing before you see damage, as deer are extremely habitual.

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