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Are Mosquito and Tick Yard Treatments Safe for Pets?

Posted by Pure Solutions on Sep 16, 2022 9:30:00 AM

When hiring a tick and mosquito company, make sure you understand what type of product they are using. Some are much safer for use around your pets than others. 


The Pet Problem

Across New England and the mosquitoes are out in force, targeting your next BBQ like it's their Superbowl. At the same time, tick populations are booming across Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. 

It’s now become routine to embrace tick checks after recreating outside for both yourself and your pets. Likewise, every BBQ is kicked off with a lathering of mosquito repellent and some citronella candles. The last thing anyone needs is a tick or mosquito-borne disease such as Lyme Disease or EEE ruining their summer. 

Among the solutions to help eliminate tick and mosquito populations from around your home or business is to hire a recurring spray service such as Pure Solutions. Our tech come to your property on a regular basis, and treat your yard with a proprietary all-natural solution that is effective at killing ticks and mosquitoes on contact. 

The question is how safe are these types of services for your pet(s)? After your yard is treated can your cat or dog simply start to run, play and roll on the treated turf?

How The Treatments/Products Affect Pets

Many companies will use harsh, toxic chemicals when treating your yard for ticks and mosquitoes. This is why selecting a company that has all-natural and/or organic solutions that is safe and effective is so critical before you pick up that phone and call any old pest control company offering tick and mosquito spray. According to the National Pesticide Information Center

“Pesticides are used to control insects around the home, weeds in the yard, germs in the bathroom, and rodents in the garage. Pet owners may also apply pesticide products directly to pets to control fleas and ticks. While many pesticide products may be beneficial, poor planning or improper use of pesticides can harm pets.

Animals can be exposed to pesticides when they breathe in the product, absorb it through their skin, or ingest the product. Your pet's risk of developing a health problem depends on how much pesticide your pet is exposed to and the toxicity of the pesticide to that specific type of animal. Pet owners can minimize the chance of their pet having a problem by following label directions, selecting lower toxicity pesticides, and minimizing the amount of exposure their pet has to the pesticide during and after the application.”

Without proper application, safety precautions, and limited exposure the risk is high that your pet may have a negative reaction to the pesticides that you may be applying to your yard. 

This is one of the reasons why we started Pure Solutions, to help remove these toxic chemicals from our communities. The mosquito and tick control solution we apply PROGAEA® Natural, Botanical Pest Control Products are formulated from essential oils and are safer to use around your pets than traditional pesticides. We suggest waiting 45 min after application before letting your pet on your treated lawn, however, this is just due to letting the solution dry and adhere to the turf grass. There really is limited risk in your pet being exposed to Pure Solutions treatments. 

pest_control_and_petsSo Is Your Pet Safe If You Spray for Ticks and Mosquitoes? 

The answer is it depends. If you utilize a company that uses all-natural tick control products (such as Pure Solutions), your pets are far safer than if you chose to go with a traditional pesticide company. We have over 10 years of experience across New England treating thousands of lawns, a majority of these properties have pets and we have had no incidences of any health scare/issue due to our products. We are proud of our PROGAEA® line of products, and part of the reason is that we know we are offering something to pet owners that is safer than anything that has previously been used by traditional pest control companies. 


If you are interested in our line of products or have questions about our application techniques we are happy to chat anytime. We are also happy to work around pet schedules to provide the best experience for both you and your furry friends. Contact us today for more information. 


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