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How Clover in Your Lawn Can Sprout Surprising Benefits! 🍀

Posted by Athena Hadjipanayis on Jul 11, 2023 2:00:00 PM

Have you ever tried to find a four-leaf clover? It seems like everyone has tried to do this as a kid. Not only is it intriguing to try and find a special clover in these patches, but they also help the surrounding grass stay flourishing. Many people want to get rid of the clover on their lawn because they simply don't like the look of it. We're here to tell you that there are actually many benefits to having clover on your lawn. You don't need to have your entire lawn be just clover, but the little patches in your lawn have more benefits than you know!



Try and Spot the Four-Leaf Clover in This Picture!

Some of the Benefits 🏡

After doing quite a bit of research about clover and its benefits, I have found a ton of positives!

Clover Acts as a Natural Fertilizer

By having clover on your property, your lawn will appear lusher and healthier. Why is this? Well, clover actually fixes nitrogen in the soil, healing nitrogen-deficient lawns. This means that it partners with beneficial bacteria to transform nitrogen gas that resides in air pockets within the soil into stable organic compounds that nourish surrounding plants. It has a strong taproot and can draw nutrients and minerals deep into the soil. Because of this, clover is often planted as a companion crop to rye, oat, wheat, and other grasses. 

Pollinators and Beneficial Insects Love Clover

Honey bees are attracted to the easily accessible nectar found in the short florets of white clover and crimson cover. There is actually a link between the decrease in pollinators and the eradication of clover, dandelions, and other weeds. Butterflies, moths, and other bugs also rely on clover as a food source. Clover pastures also nourish earthworms which are important to the overall soil health of your yard!

Keeps Out weeds

Clover is resilient, and its strength actually smothers other weeds because of its dense root structure. This is really good news for your lawn! It means that clover will actually get rid of those other pesky weeds for you!

Can Help Your Grass Survive Drought

Clover lawns require far less watering than grass and it can tolerate shade more than just about any other turf grass option. Clover does extremely well when mixed with grass by providing shade to the soil, reducing water evaporation, and helping grass survive periods of drought. This makes Clover a great option for homeowners trying to conserve water and save money!

Some more:

  • Requires less mowing than traditional grass
  • Brings diversity to your lawn
  • Smells good (like sweet vanilla)!
  • Good for places with heavy foot traffic


Clover FAQs 🙋‍♀️

Should I let clover grow on my lawn?

A: Yes! There are clearly more positives than negatives to letting clover grow on your lawn. Just read some of the reasons for this above!

Does clover take over the entire lawn?

A: Clover won't typically crowd out the grass in your yard. It can offer many benefits to help grow a well-maintained lawn. So, no, it doesn't take over your entire lawn and it actually grows well with most grasses!

Is clover better than grass for dogs?

A: Having a clover on your lawn is completely pet friendly! It is resistant to the effects of dog urine as well. Lawn grasses are discolored by dog urine, while clover stays as green and lush as ever.


The Benefits of Having Clover

Still Don't Like Clover?

Don't worry! Having clover in your lawn is still your own personal preference. So you can either let it grow, or use the services that we provide at Pure Solutions to help limit the growth!

Have any more questions about clover or other weeds?




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