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Sowing the Seeds of Success with Fall Core Aeration & Over-Seeding! 🌱

Posted by Athena Hadjipanayis on Aug 3, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Did you know that we offer core aeration and over-seeding services in the Fall? These two services are vital to the overall condition of your lawn. By preventing weeds and keeping your lawn lush and green, these additions create the perfect recipe for a healthy, organic lawn! Want to learn how you can incorporate these services into your lawn care program? Keep reading!


What is Core Aeration? 🌿

As a foundational piece of our organic lawn care program, Pure Solutions' core aeration service promotes and sustains a beautifully natural and healthy lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors. This process helps to provide vital nutrients to the soil and alleviate compaction that occurs from mowing, walking, etc.

All lawns have a thatch layer which is the layer of decaying turf/grass between the crown of the plant and the soil. Aeration utilizes a mechanical process to pull out a small ¾ inch core of soil throughout your lawn which allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. At Pure Solutions, we leave behind the cores to decay and help feed the microbes in your organic lawn.

We traditionally aim to aerate between the last 2 weeks of August up until the third week of October as part of our organic lawn care program. We do this because the soil temperatures are still warm from the summer but the daytime temperatures are not as warm allowing for optimal seed germination.

If you don't aerate your lawn, several things can happen that can negatively impact its health and appearance. Over time, foot traffic, mowing, and other activities can cause the soil in your lawn to become compacted. This can make it difficult for water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Compacted soil can lead to poor root growth and overall lawn health. Compacted soil can also cause poor drainage, which can result in standing water and make it difficult for grassroots to access the water they need to thrive. Additionally, a layer of dead grass and other organic material called thatch can build up on the surface of your lawn, which can prevent water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass.

You can learn more on our website by clicking HERE!


What is Over-Seeding? 🌱

Over-seeding occurs in the fall, this broadcast strategy helps cover your total lawn in the seed. We over-seed in conjunction with our aeration services allowing for water, nutrients, and airflow to get into the roots of your grass to promote deeper root growth in advance of the colder months. Aeration also helps the seeds to get below ground level which contributes to maintaining a lush green lawn.

Seeding twice a year is ideal for our organic lawns because a thick turf stand helps crowd out other weeds from growing.

You can learn more on our website by clicking HERE!


Why Do These Two Services Go Together? 🌳 

With our organic lawn care program, these services are performed together because the holes punched into the lawn when you aerate create a great place for seeds to come in contact with the soil increasing the time it takes seeds to germinate. The seed is also less exposed to the elements/pests etc. Additionally, the lawn aeration holes also stay damp longer, creating a better environment for seed germination. This process happens in a couple of steps:

Phase 1

Using an efficient and accurate ride-on aerator, a Pure Solutions lawn care technician will mechanically remove small plugs of soil, turf, and thatch from your organic lawn.

Phase 2

Our trained organic law care specialist will then over-seed your lawn to take advantage of the ideal conditions for germination created by the aeration process. We use specialized seed varieties to provide the best possible germination possible.

Phase 3

Over the course of about 2 weeks, the organic lawn core plugs will break down and provide valuable nutrients to your yard during a crucial time as we head toward winter.

Phase 4

New roots will begin to show in the aerated lawn holes. You may also see some late fall turf growth on your property, depending on weather conditions. Your all-natural lawn is now ready to hibernate for winter and its foundation is set to give it the best conditions for growth come spring.


What are the Benefits? 😊

✅ Helps repair damaged areas on your lawn

✅ Inhibits weed growth

✅ Improves the overall health of your entire lawn by establishing a quality, sustainable variety of grass

✅ Guarantees you the best year round results for your natural yard

✅ Helps reduce soil compaction, lets the turf roots breath, and brings new life to the turf stand after stressful summer weather


How to Get Started with Pure Solutions Turf Care Services this Fall! 🍃

For a green and healthy lawn, turn to the #1 provider of organic lawn care near you. Our organic turf care program focuses on feeding the soil, not the lawn directly. This allows for the biology in the soil to do its thing and provide a long duration healthier food source for the grass. As a result the “feast or famine” of a traditional turf program is replaced with consistent and sustained nutrient availability. Learn for yourself how natural organic lawn care produces the most beautiful backyards and outdoor areas. 

Our team will evaluate your property through satellite imagery software and generate pricing based on square footage. An electronic lawn care proposal will be sent to your email within 24 business hours. Once you review your electronic proposal, feel free to reach out to our office team with any questions! We can also schedule an on-property walk-through, add or subtract services, or schedule your first service!

Have any more questions about how you can utilize core aeration and over-seeding this Fall? Contact our wonderful office team!






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