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Healthy Gardens and Pest Control

Posted by Jeff Gilchrist on Mar 28, 2019 4:57:44 PM

Spring is here!!! It's time to get outside and fully utilize our outdoor settings.   This year we are very excited to be working with Renee Bolivar, Owner of Gardens by Renee. Renee specializes in consulting and implementing custom edible landscape design, installation, and maintenance.  One of Renee's exemplary services is the generation of Pollinator Habitats; "gardens that attract and feed the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and many other beneficial insects". Renee's passion for pollinators and pollinator habitats has earned her the horticulturist lead at The Best Bees Company.

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At Pure Solutions we pay close attention to the potentially harmful affects of pesticides on beneficial pollinator populations. By sourcing our products from essential oils and closely monitoring our dilution rates we are able to specifically target certain harmful pests without negatively impacting the surrounding ecosystem.  By eliminating harmful pests and preserving beneficial pollinators, we are able to enjoy all of the benefits of our properties without the fear and nuisance of pests and disease.

Whether it is gardening, turf care, or pest control it is never too late to start an organic maintenance approach. The trouble often comes with understanding where to start.  The good news is that in today's modern world there are many resources at our disposal. Beyond implementing beautiful, healthy gardens, Renee is also an immensely knowledgeable consultant in the gardening world.

Happy Outdooring!!




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