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How to Choose a Snow Plowing Company

Posted by Pure Solutions on Nov 24, 2020 11:31:54 AM


Snow Plowing is never given much thought until the snow starts falling, and by then you are too late. Here's what you should look for when hiring a snow plowing service.

Snow removal is a way of life in New England, without a dependable and reliable snow plowing company you encounter many headaches. Every season we hear about a snow plowing company that knocked over a mailbox, dug up the lawn or backed into a parked car. We understand that accidents happen but there is a level of professionalism that is needed to deliver top notch snow plowing services. Additionally, the number one reason we see people switch plowing companies is dependability. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting hours on a plowing truck to show up while you are stuck in your home, or worse having a plowing company that just doesn’t show up at all. Here is our advice on what to look for when choosing a new snow plowing company.

  • Are they insured for snow plowing services?

Do they have liability insurance and can they provide proof. Unfortunately, some snow removal contractors will verbally claim to have insurance when in fact they don’t. Snow Plowing liability insurance is expensive so it's not something many small independent plow drivers can afford. Make sure any damage that may occur to your property is covered. 

  • Do they have quality snow plowing equipment? 

Snow Plow trucks have to be dependable. We realize breakdowns and equipment failures are part of the job but it's not something that should be happening regularly. If they have old plow trucks, beat up shovels and snowplows that have more rust then paint you can be confident that quality is not a concern. Additionally, be sure to ask about what they do if a truck breaks down - do they have backups?

  • How big is their plowing/snow removal operation?

Don’t be sold on a new looking truck with a logo. Every year someone tries to make some quick money by getting into the snowplowing industry, but a one man show is a recipe for a disaster. You need to know what happens if a driver is out sick or on vacation - Christmas and New Years is always a challenge. Do they have multiple snow plow trucks? Do they have a snow shoveling service, if yes how many people on staff are shoveling? If it snows 12 inches and they have 50 properties to shovel you can imagine how long that would take a small crew. 


  • Understand the pricing 

Snow plowing companies all charge differently. You may be billed by the number of times plowed, or by the inches of snow, or a monthly fee. You should understand how their pricing works and ask them how much you would have paid last year if you had been a customer. 

  • What is their snow plowing process? When will they show up? 

Snowstorms in New England are unpredictable at best. You may think you are getting an inch and you get a foot. You may be told the brunt of the snow storm is on Monday but it ends up coming on a Tuesday. What looks like snow ends up being rain. Because of this you want to understand when your snow plow company will show up and how often during a storm. You don’t want to deal with a company that will plow your driveway after 2 inches of a 14 inch storm and then doesn’t  come back. 

  • Do they provide a snow plowing contract?

This is simple, lip service doesn’t cut it anymore. If a snow removal company can’t provide you with a written contract that should be an instant deal breaker. 

At Pure Solutions we have been offering professional and reliable residential snow plowing and commercial snow removal services for over 10 years (in addition to organic tick & mosquito control, organic lawn care and deer control). We also offer snow shoveling services as well, keeping your driveways and walkways clear during storms. Click below to learn more about Pure Solutions Snow Plowing Services.

We serve the following communities at this time:

  • Weston, Massachusetts snow plowing & snow shoveling services 

  • Wayland, Massachusetts snow plowing & snow shoveling services 

  • Lincoln, Massachusetts snow plowing & snow shoveling services 

  • Wellesley, Massachusetts snow plowing & snow shoveling services 

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