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How to Water While Keeping the Environment in Mind

Posted by Spencer Rowden on May 7, 2019 2:22:00 PM

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Living in New England has many benefits and one that we don't think about enough of is the abundance of water we have access to. We just had the most days of rainfall in April in HISTORY with 21 recorded days. Although it seems like it may never stop raining, reducing water usage this summer will still be important. 

Here are some big picture facts that may surprise you...

  • Americans use 88 gallons of water PER day 
  • In many areas around the United States, 50% of residential water use goes to lawns and landscapes
  • Over 75% of the river drainage basins assessed in Massachusetts are classified as 'flow stressed'. This means they suffer from low flows and other types of hydrologic impairments. 

The way we use water today is not sustainable, so it's crucial that we become mindful of ways to reduce our usage. 

Here are some recommendations on how you can reduce your water usage while continuing to water your yard and maintain lush green grass

  1. When seed germination is complete, try to water in the morning to reduce evaporate losses and prevent fungal growth 
  2. Chose drought tolerant species when planting 
  3. Add compost and organic matter to soil to improve water retention 
  4. Collect water in rain barrels for outside water use during dry spells 

How does Pure Solutions reduce our water usage you ask? We collect rain water using our 12,600 total gallon tanks during every rainfall and then use them for service! 


If you are interested in learning more about how to set up your own rain water collection system you can email us at info@puresolutions.com & we will be happy to advise!

Water usage is something we are passionate about at Pure Solutions, and we hope to have inspired those in our community to do their part in reducing the amount of water consumed in the Northeast! 

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