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August Employee Spotlight

Posted by Pure Solutions on Aug 4, 2020 9:39:56 AM
As summer is drawing to a close, we wanted to highlight the members of our team who joined us in the summer on their breaks from school. In our August Employee Spotlight, we are highlighting 3 of our Field Specialists: Luca Norian, Mason Bolivar and Michael Lampert. All 3 of them grew up in Wayland, MA. While we loved having them on our team, we cannot wait to see what they accomplish in their futures. 
What is your role at this company?
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Mason, Michael and Luca: I am a field specialist. I spray properties for ticks,
mosquitoes, and deer/rabbit.

What's something most people don't know about you?
Mason: I am playing football at Trinity College the next four years.
Michael: I am playing lacrosse at the University of Denver.
Luca: I have lived in 3 different states and another country. 
What motivates you to wake up and go to work?
Mason: I want to make money and keep the company growing and flourishing.
Michael: I want to make money and help the company grow. 
Luca: Cold showers.
Who inspires you?
Mason: My bosses really motivate me to do a good job. Brian and Trevor are two really good guys who work incredibly hard and I am inspired by them.
Michael: All of the leaders at Pure Solutions because they make everyone want to come into work and work hard in the morning. 
Luca: People who seek out changes. 
What is you biggest passion for the future?
Mason: College is my biggest passion for my future. I want to do well not only in the classroom but also on the field.
Michael: My biggest passion for the future is to do the best I can on and off of the field to make my family and friends proud. 
Luca: My biggest passion is to make a positive impact in any way I can. 
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Mason: Passionate, Smart and Tough.
Michael: Passionate, Tough and Relaxed.
Luca: Adaptive, Social and Creative. 
Where do you go to school?
Mason: I just graduated from high school and I’m heading to Trinity College soon.
Michael: I will be attending the University of Denver.
Luca: I go to Wayland High School. 
What drew you to Pure Solutions?
Mason: Trevor and my mom are friends through work and one day he offered me a job.
Michael: The chance to be outside and try something new. 
Luca: It is great pay for a high schooler. It is also a very self managed and independent occupation. 
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?
Mason: I have an allergy to cold temperature. Most people don’t believe me but I actually swell up and get itchy if I’m exposed to colder temperatures for long periods of time.
Michael: I eat the same breakfast everyday. 
Luca: I lived in London before moving to Wayland. 
What is your favorite part about working at Pure Solutions?
Mason: I like the freedom you have when you go work for the day. You’re totally on your own for a long time and just listen to music and grind out the work.
Michael: I like the freedom you have when you go to work for the day. You're totally on your own for a long time and you have the trust from your boss to get the job done. 
Luca: By far my favorite part about working at Pure Solutions is the client interactions and figuring out how to solve a problem the client is having. The more clients I talk to, even if it's just a "everything's good", the better my day is.
What is something that you took away from working at Pure Solutions this summer?
Mason: Working for a team is way more motivating, inspiring, and fun than working for yourself.
Michael: Everyone looks at you as equal no matter how long you have been there. Everyone is a hard worker. 
Luca: I developed my client interaction skills as well as a better understanding of the service industry. 
Each month, we’ll be featuring an interview here on the blog and on our social accounts.

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