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Our Favorite Productivity Apps for 2019

Posted by Jeff Gilchrist on Jan 24, 2019 9:28:37 AM

Some of the greatest struggles of any growing company are the challenges that go along with scaling. Luckily, for the modern company there are countless companies developing applications to help growing companies be more organized and efficient. At Pure Solutions we are constantly striving to integrate new technology into our office operations and we are continually asking ourselves, "How can we do more with less?".


Here are 3 of our favorite productivity apps that we are currently utilizing in 2019:

1. monday.com

Monday.com is an application that allows teams to easily organize workflow. Within our team we can build out workflows among different team members. Within the workflow we can schedule meeting times, collaborate ideas, prioritize tasks, and much more. This is an application that can be structured differently based on any company's specific needs.  One of our favorite features is the ability to share a company dashboard within the app. The dashboard allows for a common place where we can set company goals and post analytics for everyone to see. It is a great morale booster!


2. slack.com

Slack.com is another application that allows for great team collaboration. We like Slack most for its ability to communicate with people who are working remotely and/or on the road. Slack offers many features for companies to collaborate on projects, but we find its best feature is the ability to use it as a messaging platform for internal communication within our company. Messaging conversation can easily be had between 2 individuals, a group of people, or company-wide. The messages are quickly received at each employees office work-station or on an employee's mobile device in a means similar to a text message. 


3. Zapier.com 

Apps are great, but there are sooo many!! One issue that can arise when using multiple applications is how to seamlessly move data from one application to another without having to manually input the data over and over again. Zapier is an application that is setting the bar for web-based integrations within 1,000+ applications. There are many tasks that need to be done an a daily basis that are simple; however, very time consuming. Zapier allows us to automate those monotonous tasks, freeing up our office personnel to work on higher level projects.


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