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Real Life Vampires In Your Neighborhood This Halloween

Posted by Brian Whittemore on Oct 30, 2018 2:02:22 PM
With all the little ghouls and goblins running around your neighborhood this Halloween the scariest creatures of them all are the ones lurking silently in the bushes.
Halloween Tick Blog Pick
Difficult to see even on your skin, adult deer ticks pose a great threat during the Halloween season with this being their most active feeding time of year. So what can you do to minimize you and your little trick-or-treater's risk of a bloodsucking encounter? Below are 4 tips that can help. 
  1. Stay on the paved roads, sidewalks, and walkways. Ticks quest for hosts at the edge of woods, grasses and taller vegetation.
  2. Place costumes in dryer. If the material allows, place your costumes in the dryer on high for 15-20 minutes immediately after coming inside. This will kill any ticks that may have latched on to a flowy princess dress or superhero cape. 
  3. Perform tick checks. Once you have taken care of the clothes worn, take time to carefully check your kids skin paying special attention to neck, ear, and hairline as well as waistline, armpits, and groin region.
  4. If you do happen to find an embedded tick, use pointed tweezers or a Tick Key to cleanly remove the tick. If you would like to have the tick tested for disease, you can send it to Tick Report.
For more information on how you can take further action to protect your property from the threats of ticks this fall please visit our website or contact us for a free all-natural tick control proposal. 
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Pure Solutions wishes you and your family a safe and happy Halloween!

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