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The Importance of Spring Yard Clean-Ups

Posted by Jeff Gilchrist on Mar 20, 2019 9:56:02 AM

As we welcome in Spring today the snow is finally melting and we will once again be able to properly view our properties. One of the first steps to getting a property where it needs to be in the spring is completing a spring clean-up.  Below are 3 easy steps that can be completed to promote good turf health and limit pest activity as we head into Spring.

Spring Clean Up Blog

Remove Tree Debris

During winter storms branches, leaves, and other organic tree material can accumulate in and on top of the snow. After the snow melts the tree debris remains on the property until it is manually removed. Organic tree matter can seem harmless, but for the property owner who despises pests, it can be very detrimental if left untouched. Two types of pest are of greatest concern; insects and mold.

  • Insects, including Mosquitoes and Ticks, seek out Organic Matter on properties for shelter. Tree debris provides a moist, shaded area where mosquitoes and ticks can be protected from cold nights as well as stay shaded from the sun on warm days.  More tree debris will directly result in more insects on the property. 
  • Mold is another pest that is a direct result of tree debris that is left on a property.  The dampness of spring will cause tree debris to quickly decompose, promoting the growth of mold spores. Mold spores can greatly affect turf health on a property causing spotty and patchy turf density and color. 

Create a Definitive Border

Controlling pests is an ongoing battle; however, you can limit where they will want to be.  By creating a definitive border between the edge of the grass and the woods-line of a property viable pest habitats can be limited. Tick and Mosquitoes are going to want to be in areas where there is plenty of leaf litter and tree debris for shelter and protection. By keeping a clean grassy area, free of debris tick and Mosquitoes will naturally not want to call your grassy areas "HOME".

Remove Standing Water

With ample rainfall and snow-melt in spring, properties will generally remain saturated for an extended period of time. Spring is a good time to observe where water may be pooling on a property and present an opportunity for re-grading. Standing Water is desired by Mosquitoes for laying eggs. Even small examples of standing water such as wheel-barrows, flower-pots, plastic containers, car tires, etc. can hold enough water after snow-melt and rain to present perfect breeding areas for Mosquitoes.


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