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Think about the Honeybees

Posted by Spencer Rowden on Aug 22, 2018 1:16:28 PM


In New England honeybees have always been a part of our Eco-system, and they play a crucial role in the food we eat every day.  It is estimated that we depend on pollinators for roughly one-third of the food in the world today. There is no debate about the importance of honeybees and pollinators in our local ecosystems, however, there is also no debate that since the late 1990's beekeepers around the world have reported high rates of decline in honeybee populations. The alarming decline in populations has sparked the now infamous ‘Save the Bees’ movement.

What’s causing the rapid decline of honeybees?

         One of the major causes for bee decline in the past 30 years is linked to bee-killing pesticides such as pyrethroids for control of ticks and mosquitoes, as well as, neonicotinoids common in traditional turf care applications. Studies have shown that “Pollinators are being increasingly exposed to a cocktail of pesticides, for instance up to 17 different pesticides were detected in just one sample of pollen from a honeybee colony (Frazier et al, 2008).”

 The Pure difference         

         At Pure Solutions, we are proud that our Progaea formulation of essential oils, when used as directed for tick and mosquito control, poses a minimal risk to pollinators. We can also proudly state that our products used in our organic turf care applications will have no adverse effects on pollinators as well. 

What you can do to help ‘save the bees’

          Be mindful of the food you eat and try to support ecological farming that promotes environmentally friendly practices and sustainable food. Be ahead of the curve by making a conscious effort to use natural and organic products on your property. 

           Lastly, you can be an advocate and take action by choosing to hire turf care and pest control companies that offer organic and bee-safe options. For more information on Pure Solutions bee-safe products and services check out our video! 

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Pure Solutions specializes in organic turf care, tick, mosquito, and deer control services. Our Think Pure blog provides resources to making your yard safe and enjoyable without the use of harmful chemicals. We "Think Pure" in order to protect our community and the environment.

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