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Winter is Coming!...and Deer Ticks Know It

Posted by Jeff Gilchrist on Oct 16, 2018 1:53:25 PM


There is no doubt in the minds of New Englanders when fall inevitably arrives.  A rush of dry, cool air; a burst of color upon the trees; and abundant fumes of pumpkin spice; our senses are inundated with new, but familiar changes all around.  We know winter is not far off, but unfortunately so do Deer Ticks.   

During the months of October and November adult female Deer Ticks are actively hunting for one last blood meal to survive the winter months in order to lay up to 2,000 eggs in the spring. October and November mark peak activity for adult female Deer Ticks and with that a drastically increased risk of humans and pets contracting lyme disease.

Seasonal Activity for adult female Deer Ticks:

Fall Deer Tick Blog Post (1)

Continuing a routine tick spray program throughout October and November can help to reduce the number of ticks on your property during the fall months as well as reduce the number of ticks around to lay eggs come spring.


Remember to perform regular tick checks on you, your family, and pets. Whether you are enjoying beautiful weather in your yard, or are out on a hike, it's vital to check for ticks before returning indoors.


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