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The Dangers of Pesticide Use for Families

Posted by Graham Henningson on Mar 29, 2016 11:32:00 AM


The summer is one of our favorite times to spend with our family- whether on vacation or just in the back yard enjoying the season. While there is a risk of vector-borne disease parents need to be concerned about while outdoors, the dangers of pesticide use also pose a health risk to children.

The Pesticide Education Center explains that children are more suceptible to the dangers of pesticides, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Children have more skin surface for their size and take in more breaths per minute than adults. At the same level of exposure, they will absorb more into their bodies.
  • Children do not have mature defense systems against toxic chemicals. Recent studies show high levels of exposure to infants and children from pesticide use in the home, on pets, on lawns and in gardens even when following the instructions on the label.
  • Children are much more likely to have direct contact with residues on contaminated surfaces such as carpets, pets, lawns, furniture, etc. They are much more likely to be wearing less clothing, be barefoot, fall down, and put things in their mouths. Toys that were not in the room at the time when pesticides were applied can still be contaminated from residues that remain in the room.

Our commitment to using safer and effective products gives our team and our clients peace of mind that future generations will thrive in a healthy environment. When you hire a service company for your home, be sure you are using products that are safer around your family. Request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any products being used in or around your home to review the safety information and ingredients. You can request the MSDS for our products by contacting our team.

Safe & Happy Outdooring!

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