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3 Reasons Spraying for Ticks Protects Your Family

Posted by Graham Henningson on Mar 14, 2016 12:05:00 PM


Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and other illnesses are spread by the bite of an infected tick. If you and your family live near wooded or grassy areas, you could be susceptible to tick bites.  People living in or visiting New England are especially at a high risk. Prevent tick bites and reduce the risk of Lyme disease through property sprays that eliminate ticks in your yard. Here are 3 reasons why you should be spraying for ticks this season:

1. Ticks are hard to see.

12524423_1171395639551206_7136852150902568797_n.jpgThe nymphal-stage deer tick is the size of a poppy seed, while the adults are not much larger (pictured above.) While you should be performing tick checks daily after being outdoors, ticks can be hard to spot. A yard spray for ticks eliminates them in all life stages- even the little ones! It is an extra layer of protection for your family and pets.

2. Ticks have a two-year life cycle. 


To stop the spread of tick populations around your home, you have to start by eliminating them at their earliest stage of life. While products like tick tubes and tick repellents prevent Lyme disease, new populations are still hatching each year. Property sprays eliminate tick eggs on contact, and we highly recommend spraying in early Spring and Late Fall to eliminate the eggs and the adult ticks that are laying them. One adult female deer tick can lay up to 2,000 eggs! 

3. Wildlife may bring ticks on your property.


Often ticks catch a ride on hosts like deer, rabbits, and mice. Unless you have fencing around your yard to keep wildlife out, there is a risk that these animals might be dropping ticks close to your home. Routine yard sprays eliminate any ticks that wildlife may have brought to your property. 

Even though you may be thorough in reducing tick habitat and performing daily tick checks, property sprays provide the best protection against ticks and reduces future populations.

Now that you know how property sprays can protect you and your family from tick bites, you can begin looking for a provider of the service. There are chemical and natural solutions available, and we recommend you request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before your first treatment. Pure Solutions tick control solution uses a National Organic Program compliant product that is safer for your family and the environment. Contact our team to learn more.

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